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Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is the specialty of dentistry that deals with the ailments of face and mouth. It encompasses the diagnosis and treatment of various acquired, congenital and developmental diseases, deformities and injuries involving functional and cosmetic aspects of face and mouth.

The scope of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery ranges from the extraction of teeth including third molar surgeries to the treatment of infections, fracture of facial bones, dental implants and cancer of mouth etc.

More than 800 extractions and 40-50 minor oral surgeries are successfully performed per month in our well equipped department which follows standards of aseptic protocol.

We take pride and pleasure to be associated with the General Medical Hospital. At this facility we have a state-of-art Operation Theatre of its own kind. We need not mention that our staff is highly qualified with good teaching skills. Students are taught to develop abilities to make clinical judgments’ using evidence-based diagnosis and treatment planning of various Oral and Maxillofacial surgical problems. Emphasis is placed on development of skills and expertise in extractions and minor oral surgical procedures including trans-alveolar extractions.

The Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is one of the most versatile and dynamic departments of the SD Dental College with a very competent team of doctors headed by Dr. Arun Panda- a dynamic Oral and Facial Cosmetic Surgeon.

Apart from this the department has catered to a vast numbers of patients in recent years.

List of Faculty of the Department 

S. No.




Brief Biodata


Dr. Arun Panda

MDS; Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Professor & Head


2002 from CODS Davangere under RGUHS, Karnataka with total teaching experience of 10 Years with many national & international publications. Expertise in Hair transplants & Cosmetic facial surgeries.


Dr. Raman Bonde

MDS; Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery



2007 from SP Dental College, Wardha under Nagpur University with total teaching experience of9 years 6 Months with many national & international publications. Expertise in Oral Implantology 


Dr. Laxman Malkunje

MDS; Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery



2013 from KGMC Lucknow under Lucknow university with total teaching experience of3 years 6 Months with many national & international publications.


Dr. Sunny Deshmukh 

MDS; Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Senior Lecturer


2014 from D.J. D.C, Modinagar under Dr. B.R. Ambedkar university with total teaching experience of1 year 8 Months with many national & international publications.


Dr. Suresh Babu Bommaji

MDS; Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Senior Lecturer


2014 from St.Joseph.Dental College under NTR Univ., Vijaywada with total teaching experience of 9 Months with many national & international publications.


Dr. Ahemer Arif Shaikh  

MDS; Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Senior Lecturer


2016 from M.G.S.D.C under RUHS, Jaipur with total teaching experience of 3 Months with many national & international publications.


Dr. Abhishek Karan

MDS; Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Senior Lecturer


2016 from RRDC&H, Bangalore under RGUHS, Karnataka with total teaching experience of 2 months with many national & international publications.




Dr. Ashwini Kathale






BDS 2014 from MUHS Nashik associated with the department as a Tutor since 1year, 3 months.


Dr. Neha Sadar




Tutor From 15-11-2010

Services Provided 

  • Diagnosis
  • Minor oral surgical procedures including :
  • Extraction
  • Incision and drainage
  • Primary alveoloplasty
  • Soft tissue procedures:
  • Frenectomy
  • Cyst enucleation
  • Excision of soft tissue lesions
  • Incisional biopsies
  • Treatment of premalignant conditions
  • Hard tissue procedures :
  • Impactions
  • Open extractions
  • Alveoloplasties
  • Fracture reduction
  • Splinting of teeth
  • Periapical surgery
  • Open reduction and fixation of fractures
  • Management of pathological lesions including hard and soft tissues
  • Management of neurological disorders such as trigeminal neuralgias and facial palsy



The academic backup is given by a separate department library, which has the latest editions of all the concerned books. We have 20 titles of books in which many international and national books are available for reference and cross reference. Undergraduates are benefited from our department library. Department library is attached with well furnished reading room and a computer with broad band connection for data collection from internet sources.

B. Minor O.T   

Minor Oral Surgical Procedures are performed in well equipped and air conditioned minor OT.

C. Patient Observation Room 

Department has rest room with single bed for patient who needs to be kept under observation. Observation room is equipped with oxygen cylinder and emergency drugs and surgical kit.

Vision and mission

The vision of the department is to contribute to human lives by developing the oral health knowledge and medical sciences for promoting creative education globally and undertaking leading research projects We would also like to contribute to

  • Full-scope oral and maxillofacial surgical care.
  • Comfort and optimal treatment outcome.
  • Personalized service and attention.
  • Team approach with modern surgical techniques
  • Cost effective, yet, modern treatment protocols


  1. The department strives to ensure proficiency of students in management of patients in various clinical set and situations
  2. To instil in the students a sense of discipline, dedication and commitment.
  3. To train the under graduate students to be able to undertake with utmost efficiency & competence the teaching assignments or surgical practice that they undertake in their the future career
  4. Prompt, compassionate, evidenced based treatment protocols to be implemented, all the while taking utmost precaution not to burden the patients finances
  5. Cater to the needs of individual students  in the learning process of achieving proficiency in  oral and maxillofacial surgery

Projects conducted by UG Students in the Department


1.  Zygomaticomaxillary Complex Fracture

2. Preprosthetic Surgery

3. Trigeminal Neuralgia

4. Properties of Lidocaine HCL / Xylocaine

5. Syncope

6. Surgical Anatomy of Temperomandibular Joint

7. Sterlisation

8.  Muscles of Mastication

9.  TMJ Ankylosis

10.  Suturing Techniques

11.  Haemorrhage In Oral Surgery

12.  Armamenterium For Mandibular Third Molar Surgical Extraction

13.  Oroantral Fistula

14.  Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block

15.  Dental Extraction Forceps

16.  Trismus

17.  Indications for Extraction

18.  Steps in Surgical Removal Of Impacted Teeth

19.  Dry Socket

20.  Midface Fractures : Lefort Fracture


1. Interdental Eyelet Wiring / Ivy Loop

2. Gilmers Wiring

3. Arch Bar

4. Different Types of Intraoral Incision

5. Suturing Techniques

Ongoing Research Projects in the Department


Title of Research

Conducted by


  • Role of Skin Grafts in Maxillofacial     Surgery
  • Secondary Tuberculous Ulceration of the Palate
  • Lipswitch Vestibuloplasty- are reliable sulcus extension procedure for accommodation of stable and retentive complete denture prosthesis.
  • Implants- A vision in Future Dentistry

Dr. Arun Panda


  • Comparative Study of Efficacy of Three Dimensional Titanium And Three Dimensional Stainless Steel Miniplate For Osteosynthesis Of Mandibular Fractures.

Dr. Ahemer Arif Shaikh


  • Condylar Fractures : Surgical Vs Conservative Management

Dr. Abhishek Karan

Awards won by Faculty in the Department— none

Awards won by Students in the Departmentnone

CDE’s Workshops organized by the Department

1. CDE on Oral Implantology:     Held on 26-28 August, 2015. Venue - Hall No.1 SDDCH   Parbhani

Department Organizing Committees:

1.      Dr. Arun Panda                -     Chairman

2.      Dr. Raman Bonde              -    Member

3.      Dr. Laxman Malkunje      -      Member

4.      Dr. Sunny Deshmukh        -     Secretary

5.      Dr. VipinDahane              -      Member

6.      Dr. Wahab Shaikh              -     Member

7.      Dr. Neha Sadar                 -       Member

8.      Dr. Shahin khan                -       Member

2. CDE on Oral Implantology:     Held on 13 -14 December,2016. Venue - Hall No.1 SDDCH   Parbhani

Department Organizing Committees:

1.      Dr. Arun Panda                   -     Chairman

2.      Dr. Raman Bonde                -       Member

3.      Dr. Laxman Malkunje       -       Member

4.      Dr. Sunny Deshmukh         -     Secretary

5.      Dr. Ahemer Arif Shaikh      -   Member

6.      Dr. Abhishek Karan            -     Member

7.      Dr. Ashwini Kathale            -      Member

8.      Dr. Neha Sadar                     -   Member

Papers published in peer reviewed journals by Faculty


Dr Arun Panda ( Prof & Head)


1. Versatility of Temporalis Myofacial Flap In Maxillofacial Reconstruction. IJOMS 2003

2. Randomized controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy of oral lycopene in combination with vitamin E and selenium in the treatment of oral leukoplakia. JIAOMR 2014

3. A Systemic Review on controversies related to management of condylar fractures. JOMS 2015


Dr Ahemer Arif Shaikh ( Senior Lecturer )


1.A case of occult fronto-temporo parital Meningoencephalocele in an infant – Case report. IJMDS 2015

2. Evaluation of anxiety and post operational discomfort in frenectomy Paediatric patients by comparing Conventional method and laser application – A case report. JAMDSR 2016

3.Piezosurgery : A tool of trade – review article. JRAD 2016

4. Interpositional gap Arthoplasty by Versatile pedicled Temporalis Myofascial Flap in the management of temporomandibular joint ankylosis – A case series study. JCDR 2016


Dr Abhishek karan ( Senior Lecturer )


1.TMJ Ankylosis : management with reconstruction and interpositional arthroplasty.NJM 2015


Dr Sunny Deshmukh( Senior Lecturer )


1.Clinical, Radiograhic and biochemical findings of a case of florid Cemento-Ossesous Dysplasia: A disorder of its own type in bone disorders. IJCCR 2016

2. A Systemic Review on controversies related to management of condylar fractures. JOMS 2015

 Dr.Sunny Deshmukh: Senior Lecturer




H- index


Impact factor



Periotome as an aid to Atrumatic Extration A comparative Double blind Randomized contolled trial.:J. of maxillofacial surgery







Unusual form of complex odontome: A case report.:IJSS







A systemic review on contraversities to management of condylar fracture.:J. of oral maxillofacial surgery







Role of P53 in diagnosis and postoperative early detection of recurrences in oral leukoplakia patient.:Indian journal of dental sciences







Bisphosphonates related osteonecrosis of jaw: Review & update to general dentist.:IOSR JDMS







Clinical, radiographic & biochemical findings of a case of floride cement-osseous dysplasia: A disorder of its own type in bone disorders .:International journal of clinical case report






Students Mentoring Program


Staff Name

Batch with Students Name


Dr Arun Panda

Intern batch 2014-15


Dr Abhishek Karan

First year 2016-17


Dr Ahemer Arif Shaikh

Third year 2016-17


Dr Sunny Deshmukh

Intern 2016-17


Dr Ashwini Kathale

Third year odd 2016

Special Cases Treated in the Department

Lingual Frenectomy

Pus drainage for infraorbital space infection

Drainage of pus from submandibular space


Drainage of buccal space infection

Closure of maxillay sinus

Extraction and splinting

Intermaxillary fixation for closed reduction of RT condylar fracture

Sinus Lavage

Incisional biopsy

ORIF of symphysis fracture of mandible

Surgical removal of cytic lesion from pinna of ear

Surgical removal of dentogerous cyst with impacted 38

surgical excision of mucocele

Buccal advancement for closure of oral antral fistula

Removal of hyperplastic tissue from buccal mucosa

Excision of gingival overgrowth

Mental nerve neurectomy

Dentoalveloar fracture


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